Topic Curators Wanted

Are you an expert in your field? Are you interested in uncovering truthful opinion? Do you get the Spotaboo philosophy?

If yes, would you be willing to commit to posting regular Boos to a topic you control?

Spotaboo is a new social media platform that empowers anyone to ask questions with Yes/No answers.

We call the questions asked, Boos.

Boos are organised by topic and topics can be silly to serious, fun to fashion, personal to political.

We are seeking topic experts to create content and build participation. We call you topic curators.

The Rules

Spotaboo works well when use alongside existing social media accounts. Post to your normal channels referencing a Boo you have on Spotaboo.

If you are interested please email with the topic you wish to curate and the reason you think you should be considered an expert in that topic.

Please be sure to provide links to other online identities you might have and follow @Spotaboo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat.

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