Acceptable Use Policy

If Voltaire were alive today we are pretty certain he would be on Spotaboo and he would probably say something like,

I do not agree with asking the Boo but I defend your right to pose the Boo in the first place.

That being said, there are some rules which you must agree to abide by before you can register and use Spotaboo.

Free speech not hate speech.

Spotaboo is about asking questions with simple Yes No answers. Everyone is free to create one or more public topics and post public Boos (questions). What we don’t allow is the creation of a topic that is clearly designed to invite hate filled Boos.

Any Boo that in our sole opinion posits a clearly inappropriate and or offensive position will be removed as close to real-time as possible. We don’t expect to catch everything immediately, but we will endeavour to keep Spotaboo free from as much hate as possible.

If you see something objectionable, you can report it via the app.

Together we will get it right for the most part. We will make some slip ups but we will get better each time we get back up.

People from all over the world use Spotaboo and we want to keep it clean, so we have a few exceptions that are not appropriate for our app.

Child Endangerment

Boos that sexualize minors are subject to immediate removal from Spotaboo.

If we become aware of a Boo or topic or both with Boos pertaining to child sexual abuse we will report it to the appropriate authorities immediately including any and all data belonging to the owner of the account that posted the content and block further access from the account that created the Boos and any other account that voted on the Boo(s).

Inappropriate Boos

To ensure that Spotaboo remains a safe and respectful platform, we have created standards defining and prohibiting Boos that we do not want in Spotaboo.

Sexual Boos

We don't allow Boos that contain or promote sexual services or content.

Boos pertaining to sexuality are acceptable as long as the Boo is a reasonable question, in our sole opinion and not lewd or gratuitous.

Hate Speech

We don't allow Boos that promote violence, or incite hatred against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.

Topics and or Boos that are thinly veiled assertions intended to garner votes to back up a hate-based position will be removed.

Topics and or Boos that are worded to prove that a protected group is inhuman, inferior or worthy of being hated will be removed.

Topics or Boos that contain theories about a protected group possessing negative characteristics (e.g. malicious, corrupt, evil, etc.), or explicitly or implicitly claims the group is a threat will be removed.

Topics or Boos trying to encourage by asking others if they believe that people should be hated or discriminated against because they are a member of a protected group will be removed.


Topics or Boos that describe the facilitation of gratuitous violence or other dangerous activities will be removed.

Topics or Boos that ask which violent method over another pertaining to any living entity will be removed. For the avoidance of doubt this includes people and animals.

Topics or Boos that pose questions that ask for a vote of one type of self harm, suicide, eating disorder, choking game or other acts where serious injury or death may result over another will be removed.

Terrorist Topics and Boos

We do not permit terrorist organisations (as defined by the U.K. government) to publish Boos on Spotaboo for any purpose.

Topics or Boos with questions related to terrorism that attempts to garner votes for one terrorist act over another will be removed.

Common Decency as defined by us.

Topics and Boos that simply lack common decency in particular questions about the disappearance and or death of a real person due to suicide, overdose, natural causes, etc.

Bullying and Harassment

Topics and Boos that contain or facilitate threats, harassment, or bullying will be removed.

Dangerous Products

Topics and Boos that facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition, or certain firearms accessories will be removed.


Topics and Boos asking about the preparation and or best usage of drugs will be removed.


Topics and Boos that appear to attempt explicitly or implicitly to sell a product or service will be removed.

Illegal Activities

Topics and Boos that ask questions pertaining to the committing of or promotion of illegal activities will be removed.

By double tapping any Boo you will be able to report a Boo you believe either violates our terms of use or constitutes a new category for our terms of use.

By double tapping any Boo you can hide that Boo from yourself. This is best if the Boo annoys you but does not constitute a violation of our terms of use.

Users whose primary purpose seems to us in our sole discretion to be the creation of objectionable content will be removed from Spotaboo.

Copyrights, cyber squatting and intellectual property.

Topics that use or infer connection to any entity’s brand, title, logo, or name in a manner that may result in misleading users will be verified by Spotaboo. If it transpires that the usage is legitimate the Topic will be given a Verified icon. 

If it is not the topic will remain unverified. If the owner of the brand requests ownership we will give you the creator the opportunity to transfer ownership the brand or to change the name of your topic so that the brand can use the topic title you created. We will try to be fair but ultimately, we will not facilitate any form of cyber squatting of brand names.

Topics and or Boos that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others (including trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, and other proprietary rights) will be removed.

We do not allow topics that infringe on others’ trademarks. A trademark is a word, symbol, or combination that identifies the source of a good or service. Once acquired, a trademark gives the owner exclusive rights to the trademark usage with respect to certain goods or services.

Trademark infringement is improper or unauthorised use of an identical or similar trademark in a way that is likely to cause confusion as to the source of that product. If your topic and or Boo uses another party’s trademarks in a way that is likely to cause confusion it will be removed.

We also don’t allow topics and or Boos that encourage or induce infringement of intellectual property rights.

We will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. For more information or to file a DMCA request, please visit our copyright procedures.

If you are a trademark owner and you believe there is a topic or Boo on Spotaboo that infringes on your trademark rights, we encourage you to contact directly.

Encouraging Infringement of Copyright

Topics and or Boos that pose questions asking is one illegal way to obtain copyrighted material better than another will be removed. We don’t allow topics or Boos that induce or encourage copyright infringement.


Topics and or Boos that pose questions asking which is better in relation to counterfeit goods will be removed.

These terms of use are subject to change at any time.

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