Only when we know the truthful opinion of others can we effectively shape the presentation of our own.

Spotaboo is a consensus engine allowing anybody to ask polar questions. In other words questions that can only be answered with a yes or a no.

Spotaboo (spo·ta·boo) has one purpose: to discover honest opinions to honest questions on a global scale. We call questions, Boos and you can ask as many as you like.

You post, others answer. Anonymously, once per Boo with a simple Yes or a No.

Boos are grouped within topics and topics can be Public, Private or Official. Topics can be silly to serious, fun to fashion, personal to political.

Spotaboo seeks to uncover real opinions, free from media bias, free from peer pressure, free from a sense of duty. What do you really think? We want to find a consensus.

It's worth repeating, Spotaboo is founded on the philosophy that only when we know the truthful opinion of others can we effectively shape the presentation of our own. Of course, it can also be used to find out who wants chicken tonight.

Lastly, what gives with the name? Spotaboo is a portmanteau of Spot and Taboo; The idea came about thinking about spotting taboo subjects that can be difficult to give your honest opinion about.

The Spotaboo Symbol

The Spotaboo symbol has many parts:

The Gradient

This represents the variety of feelings and opinions one is likely to find on any topic.

The Circle

This represents Earth. Our home planet. Hopefully through honest questions and answers we can one day grow bigger than this planet.

The Crosshairs

This represents the target of truth that we believe lies somewhere between opposing views.

The X's

This represents the possibility that two different opinions might both be correct and that the universal truth, if such a thing exists, probably lies somewhere in the middle. X's were chosen, as ticks, up arrows or simple Yes's have positive connotations whereas , crosses, down arrows or simple No's have negative connotations. X is also the mathematical symbol for the unknown and philosophically can we ever truly know what is right or not.

The Colour

This represents the Sun. We all need it and all live under it and it's a good symbol to indicate that at least we all have that in common.

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