Have you taken on Gig work(zero hour jobs that pay you each time you perform a task) jobs that pay your each time?

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Do you think wealthy people who espouse right wing views and openly try to make even more money they do not need are more trustworthy?
Do you think wealthy people who espouse leftist views yet keep hold of their excessive wealth are hypocritical?
Do you think it was right for New Yorker to suspend reporter Jeffery Toobin for masterbating on a work Zoom call?
Do you think feelings should be respected more than facts?
Do you think Joaquin Rafael Phoenix is a good person?
Would you agree that the word Pet should be banned because it is derogatory to animals?
Do you agree with the idea that a vast number of celebrities will do anything to be 'liked' and typically blow whichever way the wind is blowing?
Will you read/listen to Piers Morgan's, Wake Up?
Would you agree that a radical liberal bubble makes most of the noise online, especially on Twitter?
Do you agree that Ellen DeGeneres is a serial hypocrite?
Do you find Meghan and Harry boring and un-important?
Do you think Afua Hirsch is an important voice in British and world affairs?
Should thin-skinned, outraged snowflakes just be ignored?
Do you find modern liberals, especially famous ones, are very sensitive?
Do you think Vegan rights are more important than carnivores rights?
Did you believe that the default news feed when you open Microsoft Edge is politically left leaning and that Microsoft are actively trying to influence the way you think?
Are you scared by #COVID-19?
Suppose a brain of a deceased person could be revived and without doubt, using electronics, prove it was the person who had died, should all their rights be granted back to them?
Would you agree Sir Richard Branson has damaged the Virgin brand by allowing it to be licensed to the highest bidder without consideration to customer service offered by the licensee?
Should Tom Hardy be the next #007 Bond?
Do you believe the Labour government would be better at handling the #Covid crisis than the current Conservative government appear to be doing?
Do you think individuals or companies 'virtue signalling' on LinkedIn should be used as a filter of people and firms not to engage with?
Do you think it is important to get out of bed at a set time each day?
Is Virgin Media new advert the corniest advert you have ever seen?
Should we take better care of our veterans?
Do you think an entity that cannot express its understanding of self or a sense of 'right to life' should have any rights?
Would you agree that most if not all human angst has a root cause in the fact that we suppress our animalistic instincts under a thick layer of societal norms?
If you consider you are right yet the majority thinks the opposite are you able to accept you may be wrong?
Consider the public figures that you have the greatest depth of feeling for, be it positive or negative. if you have never met them personally can you accept that your opinion of them may have been distorted by the sources that have giving you the opinions you hold?
If your everyday life experience matches closely the description given by a politician yet the same politician is pilloried by the #MSM and they announce that politician is uncaring, unwise and paint a picture of that politician as not being a nice person. Would you still vote for that politician?
Do you agree with open borders?
Was Russia's deep 2018 #WorldCup run the biggest shock of the tournament?
Do you feel safe using public transport?
Do you use public transport?
Have your eyes been opened? Will you ever close them again? Will you buy this latest book from @piersmorgan #WakeUp http://smarturl.it/WakeUpBook?
Is Power an overrated TV Show?
Should U. K. schools be more flexible with 6th form admissions policy/requirements in light of grades being given rather than earn't during 2020?
Do you think children should be taught how to think, instead of just what to think?
Is Eminem the #goat?
Is Football the best sport?
Do you think the actor #IdrisElba does a good American accent?
Should people have to visit their favourite teams stadium at least once to call themselves fans?
Should America have banned the bump stock?
Do you think a Ford Fiesta is the best first car?
Should London ban chewing gum like Singapore?
Are the firearm rules in England too strict?
Do you think 2020 students have been treated unfairly due to the Corona virus pandemic?
Should the minimum age for children to attend a gym be raised to avoid stunting their growth?
Do you believe kids should be forced to read at young age?
Rather than taxing sugary foods and drinks to reduce obesity should the government provide free gym memberships instead?
Do you believe it should be mandatory for people to exercise to save the NHS money?
Is Eddie Hearn the funniest #sports promoter?
Should the government have changed the way the grades are being predicted AGAIN?
Do you prefer beans to alphabetti spaghetti?
Do you broadly agree with Antifa?
Do you let bad weather stop a BBQ?
Did the government ease lockdown restrictions too fast?
Do you believe the Chinese government are unfairly blamed for the global Corona virus pandemic?
Should parents give their children more privacy?
Do you think Kim Jong-Un is still a threat to America?
If a second wave of Corona virus hits England should pubs close first?
Would you support a single, global, universal currency?
Do you think president Trump is as unpopular as mainstream media portray?
Do you still use DVD's?
Do you think robots area an existential threat to humans?
Have EA ruined Fifa Ultimate Team?
Do you prefer summer to winter?
Should schools be able to decide whether their students wear formal uniform or not?
Do you think Humans and other animals have the same emotions?
Should the minimum age for riding a motorcycle be raised?
Do you think the English education system needs a major re-think?
Will you be downloading or buying Snoop Dogg's recent album?
Do you think Joe Biden will win the election?
Do you believe you have a right to own a gun?
Does Snapchat crash too often for such a popular social media?
Is pinapple on pizza acceptable?
Are businesses taking social distancing precautions seriously?
Do you prefer Nike over Adidas?
Should all black air pistols be legal?
Should the 50% of restaurant food be available all days of the week to encourage more people?
Should the government review students A level grades again after the recent backlash?
Should the Inbetweeners have been removed from YouTube?
Should Katie Hopkins be banned from all social media?
Should have Shamima Begum been let back in to the UK?
Do you think humans will reach out of our solar system within the next 10 years?
Should the fine for not wearing a mask in shops be lowered?
Should people returning from holiday be forced to quarantine for 2 weeks?
Are the Year 10s and Year 12s being neglected amidst the corona virus confusion?
Do you believe the desires set forth in the Contracts With Black America (https://www.contractwithblackamerica.us/blank-2) will ever come to pass?
Should students grades be decided by their teachers?
Has the government been unfair to students with their A level grades?
Do you believe the U.K. tabloid, The Independent https://www.independent.co.uk is actually independent?
Do you think that while EasyJet may offer great value air fares the Covid catastrophe demonstrates that the firm lacks any real substance or depth to its so called customer service.?
Do you think that this article by #SuriyahBi in the Huff Post (https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/a-level-grades_uk_5f34f222c5b6fc009a61c845 is biased with very little facts and/or alternative solutions?
Should captain Tom Moore be given a knighthood?
Should the Animal Rebellion activists have been charged after dying Trafalgar Square fountains blood red in protest?
Should Miss Swimsuit UK have been stripped of her title after her controversial 'All Lives Matter' Facebook post?
Should the officers who handcuffed the 12 year old boy after seeing him with a toy gun be charged with racial profiling?
Is it right that Enfield Council are only serving vegan and vegetarian food from December?
Is it ironic that Tommy Robinson has fled the country with his family for safety reasons?
Should Apple still include a charger and earphones in the latest model of IPhone?
Should TikTok stars Alan and Alex Stokes be charged for their bank robbery prank?
Was the BBC presenter wrong to just watch the people try to escape from drowning?
Should the sugar tax on fizzy drinks be reduced?
Do you think Joe Biden is racist?
Do video games actually produce violent children?
Should Wiley have been banned from particular social medias.?
Are dogs better than cats?
As a parent would you prefer your child riding on the pavement rather than the road for safety reasons despite it being illegal?
Do you ride your bike on the pavement despite it being illegal?
Do you agree with the #freethenipple campaign?
Should students exams take place later on in the year to give pupils more time to revise?
Should pubs have re-opened before gyms?
Do you think Theranos set out to be a con from the start?
Do you think #President #Trump might be considered the most hated U.S. president of all time?
Should lgbtq+ history be mandatory to teach in citizenship lessons in schools even if it goes against certain religions?
Is a rapper ( Kanye West ) suitable to run a country?
Does the lgbtq+ community deserve a whole month when war veterans get one day?
Has Boris Johnson done well as PM since he started?
Do you think the Beirut explosion was intentional?
Do you think fake news from main stream media is a real thing?
This article highlights why Spotaboo is the perfect solution. Private opinion in public groups. Would you agree https://getpocket.com/explore/item/what-s-wrong-with-whatsapp?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB?
Do you believe you can trust the #BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/help-41670342?
Would you support a specific law in your country designed to curtail trolling?
Will you try to shop online more rather than wear a mask in stores?
Do you think you will go on a foreign holiday this year?
Will you download Spotaboo?
Will you wear a mask when shopping?
Do you agree that anybody who courts fame online should accept any negative attention they receive?
Do you believe in an afterlife?
Do you feel that you have made mistakes in your life that you regret?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Are you comfortable in your own skin?
Do you worry about what others think of you?
Will you do something nice for somebody else after reading this boo?
Are you grateful for anything?
Do you intend to make your life different in a year to what it is now?
Do you believe there will ever be global racial equality?
Do you think there will be a second wave of Coronavirus in the UK?
Does London mayor Sadiq Khan focus to much on scoring political points than his duties as mayor?
Do you trust scientists?
Should MDMA aka Ectasy be legalised and licensed by the government?
Should cannabis be considered the same as alcohol and licenced and taxed?
Should drugs be legalised and licensed by the government?
Would free parking make you shop in your local high street more?
Is jay z the best rapper of all time?
Has popular culture become obsessed with celebrity and gives to much credence to their opinions?
Do you believe working from home should be a right similar to paid leave and other employment rights?
If 100,000 people thought horse A would win a race, would you bet on it?
Do you believe in the collective wisdom of 'the crowd'?
Do you think the media, in general, is a powerful influence that needs to be held to account more?
Would you like to go abroad on holiday once lockdown ends?
Do you think the protestors who damaged public property should be prosecuted?
Do kids spend too much time playing XBox?
Do you believe the media stir up emotions just to increase viewing figures?
Do you think Mike Tyson was the best heavyweight ever?
Do you believe there is a hidden elite organising all major worldwide events?
Overall do you believe Boris Johnson's government is doing a fair job of managing the UK pandemic?
Do you believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in jail as opposed to committing suicide?
Do you agree in the world wide solidarity marching in the name of George Floyd?
Do you believe the #BBC use emotive language in their reporting in purpose to sway opinion?
Is Anthony Joshua inciting separatist ideologies?
Should violent protestors instantly go to jail?
Is Aldi meat better than what can be purchased at any other UK supermarket?
If it were possible to colonise Mars in your lifetime, would you go?
Have you ever told someone that you hate them and spread a rumor about them?
If you had to move to a place where you didn’t have your family or your friends, would you do it?
Have you ever fallen asleep at school or work?
Have you ever been put behind prison bars?
Have you fallen off a ride in public?
Have you ever written someone a poem?
Do you usually follow your brain more than the heart?
Have your parents caught you in an awkward position with your partner?
Have you ever made any of your parents cry?
Do you think there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

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