Do you believe the media coverage of Meghan Markle is racist?

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Do you think Banksy is over hyped?
Piers Morgan supports another TOTAL LOCKDOWN. Do you?
Do you think Manchester should do as requested by the national government and impose the restrictions advised to them?
Do you support a so called 'Circuit Break' now in an effort to control the spread of #Covid-19?
Do you think London Mayor Sadiq Khan should focus on London and keep out of national politics?
Mayor Sadiq Khan, in over his head, focused only on scoring political points?
Do you think #Wetherspoons should be able to stay open during the pandemic in areas where other pubs are forced to close?
Do you think it a liberty and slightly thoughtless that MP's should be considering giving themselves a pay rise while so many are in fear of their jobs and financial future?
Do you expect a second, full U.K. lockdown is coming before Xmas?
Was Kate Garraway right to have a pop at President Donald Trump after #POTUS latest comments about the Coronovirus?
Do you care if Harry and Megan come back to the U. K.?
Do you think Dominic West, the one-time actor, was right to express 'jumping for joy' at the news that U.S. President #Trump had contracted #Covid-19?
Would you like Prince Harry to list the specific examples of structural racism within the U.K?
Do you think Prince Harry, telling brits to stop being racist and to recognise there are other brits with different backgrounds is one of the funniest things you have heard in 2020?
Are you worried about the reported rise of QAnon in the U.K. as detailed in this report by Gian Volpicelli?
After watching this... who wants to be a paramedic?
Will you watch the U.S. presidential debate from the U.K. coverage at 2am?
Are you pleased that the U.K. Internal Market Bill has passed The Commons?
Would you be happy to see Scotland leave the U.K?
Do you appreciate that unlike all other confectioners, Tunnocks Caramel Wafers have remained the same size over the years?
Do you agree with the #CancelTheCurfew movement?
Do you agree that #HSBC offers the worst customer service out of all the main U.K. high street banks?
Irrespective or whether you like the man or not do you think Piers Morgan is a good protagonist for centrist politics?
Do you think Animal Farm (the book) should be banned in the U.K?
Are Scotland right to refuse the Internal Market Bill as suggested by Mike Russell, the Scottish Constitution Secretary?
Have you been left stranded by an Uber booking which one or more drivers then cancelled without explanation?
Do you think Uber should be allowed to operate in direct competition to licensed London Black Cabs?
If you consider yourself a right of centre voter, could you ever acknowledge an action as positive from a left of centre politician?
If you consider yourself a left of centre voter, could you ever acknowledge an action as positive from a right of centre politician?
Have you switched off listening to the #mainstreammedia #MSM and their polls?
Would you ever tell a neighbour that another neighbour reported them to the police for breaking the #RuleOfSix during lockdown?
Would you ever speak to a neighbour again once you found out they had reported you to the police for breaking the #RuleOfSix lockdown rule?
Do you think the U.K. should have one coherent #Covid response, rather than each devolved entity devising thier own?
Do you think our U.K. national response to the #Covid pandemic would have been worse if Jeremy #Corbyn had been in power?
Do you think the #MSM constant and mostly negative critique of the U. K. government #Covid management is helpful?
Do you think reporting neighbours for not obeying the #RuleOfSix is snitching?
Do you agree with cancel culture?
Would you snitch on a neighbour for not following the #RuleOfSix during this second lockdown in the U.K.?
Do you agree with the U.K. Governements new #RuleOfSix that has come in to force today across the country?
Do you think defacing public property is the best way to get people to agree with your point of view?
Are you pleased with the UK/Japan trade deal announced today?
Do you agree with the #MulanBoycott?
Do you think a nation can ever have a truly honest PM?
Do you think #Boris is an honest PM?
Do you think the so called 'second spike' of #Covid-19 cases in the U. K. was caused be 20 to 30 year olds?
Would you consider giving fake contact details, when asked, upon entering any establishment where people meet socially as per the latest #testandtrace law?
Do you support the British family whose teenage son was killed by #AnneSacoolas the wife of an American official working in the U.K.?
Do you care much about what the EU want in regard to Britain and #BREXIT now that the country has nearly completed the 12 month transistion period?
Would you be willing to #CancelChristmas to support the #MattHancock position that a #coronavirus second wave is more likely if people do not take the threat seriously?
Do you agree that #GMB #PiersMorgan is too harsh when he interviews MP's?
Would you be willing to pay increased taxes to pay for Coronavirus bill as reported in the #Mirror today?
Is Matt #Hancock correct to blame people with no symptoms #covid for testing mayhem?
Do you think #RuleBrittania is a song that promotes racism?
Should the U.K. Secretary of State for Education, The Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE resign over the mistakes admitted by OFQUAL?
Should schools have days where certain years and grades go in and some don't?
Do you think schools should re-open full time when pupils are set to return?
Should the facial recognition used by South Wales Police be ruled unlawful?
Do you support #President #Trump and his Great American Outdoors Act
Are you shocked by the explosion in Lebanon?
Does #China have a right to bring #HongKong closer to the mainland politically?
Do you think it right that an individual get 2 years in jail and a fine, for a 17 second #tiktok dance video?
Did you know that Lebanon have legalised the growing of marijuana for medical and research purposes?
Did you know India has sent $1 million U.S. to North Korea to help the DPRK deal with tuberculosis?
Do you think there should be a unified global effort to create a testing protocol for Covid 19?

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